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Sullivan's Public House

23 N Washington St
Oxford, MI 48371

Sullivan's Public House is a fantastic, beloved family owned and operated restaurant and bar located in the heart of Oxford. It is not a far commute from Addison Township, and you will never have a hard time enjoying yourself when you head there. They feature amazing, made from scratch dishes such as home made bangers, soda bread, delicious corned beef sandwiches, and beyond. They feature a patented draft beer system that is sourced directly from Ireland. You will always enjoy your time at Sullivan's Public House.


40 N Washington St
Oxford, MI 48371

The folks at 'wiches pride themselves on making everything completely from scratch, and providing delicious, fresh casual items for a quick bite on the go. They proudly use fresh, local produce as well as meats that have been cooked in house, and home made breads and sauces. There is so much to love about this fantastic establishment. Whether you want to dig into a delicious sandwich, one of their crisp and fresh salads, or enjoy a delectable dessert, 'wiches is always a fantastic experience.

Valentino's Italian Grill

185 S Broadway St
Lake Orion, MI 48362

If you are looking for a charming and unique dining spot for your whole family to enjoy, Valentino's Italian Grill is a wonderful place to go. This place is wonderful for a nice, romantic meal with your special someone as well. They feature home made meals spanning all sorts of delicious Italian tastes. From spaghetti to fresh made pizzas, Valentino's Italian Grill truly has something for every body. When you are looking for a great option for a meal then Valentino's Italian Grill is always a great bet.

Victoria's Delights

12 S Washington St
Oxford, MI 48371

Victoria's Delights is a charming bistro style establishment that serves up amazing brunch, lunch, and dinners. They feature amazing home made dishes that you will always love digging your teeth into. In addition to incredible meals, they also feature a full bar and wine list with a great range of items to choose from. You will never be disappointed with your decision to head to Victoria's Delights for a meal. Such a wonderful, quaint location to dig in!

Thee Office Pub & Cookery

128 S Main St
Romeo, MI 48065

If you're looking for a great gathering place in the Addison Township area where your group is sure to have an amazing time together, then Thee Office Pub & Cookery is always a fantastic choice. They feature delicious, hand made food, extremely friendly service, generous portions, and incredibly friendly clientele who will always make you feel welcome when you head there. Whether you would like a hand pattied burger, a juicy and tender steak, or anything in between you will have a great time when you head there.

Sagebrush Cantina

28 S Broadway
Lake Orion, MI 48362

When you're in the mood for some amazing, fresh Mexican food then there are few places in the Addison Township area better equipped to satisfy you than Sagebrush Cantina. They feature authentic, made from scratch meals, and a great, festive atmosphere that you will always have a great time spending time at. They have all of your traditional Mexican favorites such as tacos, rice and beans, tortas, fajitas, along with all of your other favorites. You will always leave Sagebrush Cantina with a huge smile on your face, and a full stomach!

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