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Buon Appetito

117 W Lafayette St
Romeo, MI 48065

If you're looking for a great place to go in the Armada Township area to go and grab a delicious Italian meal look no further than Buon Appetito. They make some of the finest Italian cuisine in Michigan. They serve up authentic Italian dishes that have been made with fresh, homemade sauces, made fresh every single day. You're sure to find your favorite Italian dishes and they always go the extra mile to provide an elegant, classy environment that you will always love.

Chaps Food & Spirits

23084 E Main St
Armada, MI 48005

Chaps Food & Spirits is a simply excellent establishment which you are going to love and return to time and time again. This is a great location when you are on the hunt for delicious food or grab some great drinks. It is a beloved gem in the Armada area. They feature a great, diverse menu with American cuisine as well as some great Mexican cuisine items. We strongly recommend that you head there to hang out and play some games at the pool table, or listen to music, or partake in some karaoke!

Yum Yum Thai

235 E. St. Clair
Romeo, MI 48065

Yum Yum Thai is a great, authentic Thai restaurant where you can go and enjoy a delicious and elegant dining experience in a comfortable establishment that is full of charm and atmosphere. They feature amazing Thai cuisine that has a great variety of tastes and flavors for you to love. With a great mixing of spices, herbs, and authentic Thai ingredients, they provide dishes that are healthy and naturally low fat and low in calories. Everyone who heads to Yum Yum Thai always loves their experience.

Romeo Family Restaurant

66020 Van Dyke
Romeo, MI 48065

Romeo Family Restaurant is a wonderful family owned and operated establishment where you can go and bring your family to enjoy a delicious, casual American meal. Their menu features a great variety of items, from delicious and wonderful comfort foods to amazing cultural favorites. They treat every person who heads there like they are a local and a beloved member of their community. They pride themselves on being an alcohol free restaurant so you can always be sure that the environment will be tame and safe for the kids!

Taqueria El Michoacano

64075 Van Dyke Rd
Washington, MI 48095

When you're looking to dig into some great, authentic street style Mexican food then Taqueria El Michoacano is definitely the place for you. They feature really amazing Mexican specialties that are always a delight when you head to visit them. Of course they offer up all the top traditional Mexican dishes such as tacos, carnitas, burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, you know all the things you'd expect. You'll surely enjoy the meal that you get at Taqueria El Michoacano, without a doubt. We strongly recommend that you grab one of their patented margaritas as well!

Achatz Pies of Armada

75700 North Ave
Armada, MI 48005

Achatz Pies of Armada is an immensely charming and beautiful decorated bakery that you will be blown away by every single time that you head there. They pride themselves on making pies the old fashioned way, using recipes that have been passed down for many generations. They take great pride in providing dishes that are made with the highest standards of quality and overall goodness. They use local whole milk, pure vanilla, locally grown ingredients and produce, and beyond. You will always love your pie from Achatz Pies of Armada.

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