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Canal Street Cafe

113 E Canal St
Augusta, MI 49012

Canal Street Cafe, a wonderful little cafe which you will certainly be sure to simply love as soon as you stop by for the first time. They feature meals that are absolutely fresh and always simply delicious. When you head there, we strongly recommend that you dig into the Seared Alaskan Halibut on a bed of roasted arugula and spinach, but you really can't go wrong with any of the dishes at Canal Street Cafe. When you head there, you will love being in the elegant, classy environment, enjoying some great, casual lunches that have been created with great recipes and ingredients.

Nina's Taqueria

111 E Michigan Ave
Augusta, MI 49012

When you're in the Augusta area and are looking to go to enjoy some fantastic, authentic Mexican food then you simply must head over to Nina's Taqueria on East Michigan Avenue. They really go to great lengths making sure that you will absolutely love their amazing meals. They feature great Mexican cuisine at great prices like burritos, tortas, quesadillas, enchiladas, and so much more. They use fantastic, old style techniques that ensure that you will always enjoy their fantastic meals.

Player's Grill

506 E Michigan Ave
Augusta, MI 49012

If you're in the Augusta area and are seeking out a location to grab a delicious meal while indulging in a great selection of beers, then Player's Grill is the best choice around. This is the place to go in town when you are looking to hang out with some friends while watching some of your favorite sports games. The people who work at Player's Grill are always incredibly friendly and welcoming, and will make sure that you are always happy and attended to. Player's Grill is undoubtedly one of the best places to go in all of the Augusta area.

Lickity Split Ice Cream Shop

301 East Michigan Ave
Augusta, MI 49012

Lickity Split Ice Cream Shop is easily the most beloved place in all of the Augusta area to go and indulge in some delicious, creamy, hand dipped ice cream. Dishing out wide selection of ice cream flavors and styles that will surely be more than enough for you to smile at. Lickity Split is the ideal ice cream store to bring your family or your team that you are coaching for a nice ice cream treat. Lickity Split Ice Cream Shop is a crowd favorite in the Augusta Township community that you will absolutely love heading to every time.

Kitchen House

9975 E M-89
Richland, MI 49083

Kitchen House is a fantastic Italian inspired restaurant which serves up some amazing American meals that celebrate and draw inspiration from Michigan and uses all fresh locally sourced ingredients in each and every meal. They have a great passion for food and their customers are the ones who truly benefit from it. They use locally sourced ingredients and produce that will simply blow you away every time. They have a great sense of community at Kitchen House, and you will definitely not regret your decision to grab a meal there.

Territorial Brewing Company

256 Helmer Rd N
Battle Creek, MI 49037

When you are in the Augusta area and are looking to indulge in some absolutely incredible beers then look no further than Territorial Brewing Company. They feature amazing German inspired beer that you will absolutely love no matter what party of the world you are from. They also feature meals that draw from their community's unique heritage. When you head there, you definitely want to dig into their amazing Schnitzel and you can't go wrong with their delicious Weisswurst. Everything about Territorial Brewing Company is simply spectacular.

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