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DaCapo Coffee

7370 Lewis Ave, Ste 101
Temperance, MI 48182

DaCapo Coffee is a fantastic establishment for you to head to when you can go to really get your morning started off on the right foot. They feature fantastic coffee drinks with select roasts, pastries, assorted goods, chocolates, and beyond that are all either made in house or from fantastic, local vendors that will ensure that you will always have the absolute best coffee experience that you can possibly have in the area. This fantastic locally owned and operated establishment will always be a great experience.

Sabor Brazilian Grill & Desserts

4751 Monroe St
Toledo, OH

Sabor Brazilian Grill & Desserts is an excellent family owned and operated establishment that you will be blown away by every single time that you head there. They use all of the highest quality and most fresh ingredients that they can possibly get, and they make sure that all of their dishes are fully flavored and absolutely fantastic. Each and every item on their menu is authentic and traditional favorites, and wide ranging as well. When you head there we strongly suggest you get started with an order of the Quibe and then grab a Espeto De Carne Platter for your meal!

Mancy's Steaks

953 Phillips Ave
Toledo, OH 43612

Mancy's Steaks is easily the most popular steak restaurant in all of the area. They make sure that all of their steaks and seafood dishes are fresh and absolutely delicious. They pride themselves on aging and butchering all of their beef right on premise. you will love everything that they offer on their menu, from their soups, to their sauces, to their dressings, you can be sure that everything is made completely from scratch! The atmosphere at Mancy's Steaks is elegant and classy, and is a great place to bring that special someone on a nice date out.

Greg's Grill

3243 Sylvania Ave
Toledo, OH 43613

When you're looking to dig into some fantastic, fresh, and traditional American cuisine then Greg's Grill is definitely the place to go when you are in the Bedford Township. They feature a wonderfully charming atmosphere that you will always have a great time when you head there. They feature a wide ranging American menu, with a great variety of twists on all of your favorite, classics. You will extremely charmed by the wonderful atmosphere at Greg's Grill and the people who work there will always simply blow you away with how friendly they are.

QQ Kitchen

3324 Secor Rd Ste 4
Toledo, OH 436,15

QQ Kitchen is definitely the place to go in the area when you are looking to dig into any sort of amazing Asian cuisine. Chines, Korean, Japanese, and beyond. They've got you covered here! They have a clean and warm environment that you will feel right at home enjoying a meal in. They feature a wonderful family friendly establishment, where each and every meal that they make is made fresh to order for you. Their experienced chefs will always make sure that you are enjoying your experience and your meal!

Village Pizzeria

714 W Temperance Rd
Temperance, MI 48182

When you're in the Bedford Township area and are looking to dig into some absolutely incredible pizza then you absolutely must head over to Village Pizzeria on Temperance Road. They go to great lengths to make sure that each and every pizza that you are digging into is made with the utmost care. They use all fresh ingredients, and their doughs and their sauces have been made from scratch using incredible, locally sourced ingredients. They also take great pride in the classic techniques that they use in making their pizza pies. You will never be disappointed with your experience when you head to Village Pizzeria.

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