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39556 Woodward Avenue
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
(248) 646-9000

It all starts with history. Located in an historic neighborhood at the corner of Long Lake and Woodward Avenue, Bill's incorporates the food of a French bistro, Italian trattoria and American social club all in one setting. The atmosphere and décor is modern but the walls are filled with vintage photographs from the historical society. We will promise you this, you will not experience better cuisine than you find here. The bartenders will make your drink spot on and the manager and the servers will make sure that you have everything you need. This is one of those places that once you try it once, you will find yourself coming back again and again.

Roadside B & G

1727 S Telegraph Road
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
(248) 858-7270

Sometimes you just need to break out of the rut you have been in. If you are feeling this way, here is the place to visit. This place may be a newcomer to the area, but you will feel right at home. We could best describe it as a casually cool bar and grill which serves up sensational American fare with a contemporary twist. Check out the burgers, ribs and meatloaf. But wait, its not quite what you are used to and believe us that is a good thing in this case. And no matter what you order, they have the perfect wine, beer or cocktail to go with it.

The Moose Preserve Bar & Grill

43034 Woodward Avenue
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
(248) 858-7688

Wow is all we can say about this place and we think it sums up how awesome this upscale bar and grill is. How does some well prepared Certified Black Angus steaks, fresh fish or Jack Daniels BBQ ribs sound? The atmosphere is lively and fun and reminds you of a hunting lodge. Look around and you will see rustic pine tables, neon signs, quarter pool tables, deer and fish mounts and the whole rustic ambiance that some crave. Their warm and friendly service staff will make you feel welcome, warm and comfortable.

5th Tavern

2262 S Telegraph Road
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302
(248) 481-9607

You need to check out this place and do it today if you can. What an unbelievable dining experience. Their menu features American style food which is prepared from scratch. This is just good old fashioned eating. You will want to go back and try something different every time whether it be a hand cut steak, seafood, pasta, delicious sandwich, burger or something else. The staff is amazingly professional which stems from the fact that they are so well trained. And it just gets better with the Michigan craft beers that they offer. But if you are more in the mood for something else from the bar, the bar staff certainly know their wines and liquors.

Eddie Merlot's

37000 Woodward Avenue
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
(248) 712-4095

Do you love to be treated in a special way? Well, we know one place where that won't be a problem. Eddie Merlot's is a place where hospitality reigns. The comfort of the guests is the number one priority here. Built on top of that foundation is the highest quality food, the freshest ingredients and world class facilities. One nice thing about this place is that you will be able to immerse yourself in the experience, the different courses will be timed out perfectly and you will never get the sense that you are being rushed. The wine list is excellent and the staff knowledgeable. You just can't beat the experience here.

Andiamo Italia West

6676 Telegraph Road
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301-3012
(248) 865-9300

A very popular eatery in the area, they describe themselves as having Northern Italian décor amid the hustle-bustle of a “chic” dining spot. What does that mean exactly? It means that you should expect to experience a very elegant dining experience with amazing food and great service. They have a wide variety of food, but we recommend going with the classic Italian cuisine. And don't forget to check out the wine list which is phenomenal. One of the awesome things about the way the dining area is organized is they usually have a seat that will suit what you are looking for.

No matter the reason for your next group outing we have you covered with professional service and high end vehicles.

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