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Tomatoes Apizza

29275 14 Mile Road
Farmington Hills, MI 48334
(248) 888-4888

We realize that pizza can be a very subjective kind of food, but we highly recommend that you try the Neopolitan style that is served here. One of the unique things you will notice right away is the pizza's irregular shape and thin, chewy, and crispy crust. Each pizza is made with only the finest ingredients and you will find the texture to be something you have never experienced before. Ranked as the greatest pizza in Michigan and as one of the 25 best pizza that you will ever eat, we think it is worth one shot at least and then you can be the judge.

Wicked Table

38503 W 10 Mile Road
Farmington Hills, MI 48335
(248) 474-7777

What a hidden gem this place is. The atmosphere is fun and lively and the service is just excellent. If you care about your local economy, you will be very happy to know that 85% of the food is locally sourced. This is what you can truly call a farm to table experience. We highly recommend the fish tacos, you will be amazed at how awesome they are. But you can't go wrong with the homemade chicken pot pie either. If you are looking for a breath of fresh air and a great cocktail, you need to pay a visit to Wicked Table.

Antonio's Cucina Italiana

37646 W 12 Mile Road
Farmington Hills, MI 48331-3074
(248) 994-4000

Forget about the chains and check out a true family owned and operated establishment. A place doesn't stay in business since 1964 without doing something right. This is really authentic and comforting Italian cuisine. The pasta is made daily in what they call their pasta factory which is located right inside of the dining room. Nothing fancy here, just good old fashioned family recipes prepared by great chefs and served to you by a very attentive staff. Their signature dishes are Gnocchi Rita Sauce, Chicken Antonio, Polenta and Veal Chop and no matter which one you order, you will be asking someone to roll you out with a smile on your face.

Craft Breww City

27843 Orchard Lake Road
Farmington Hills, MI 48334
(248) 488-5555

We don't need to use fancy words when it comes to describing this place or in trying to sell you on the experience. So, what are we saying. Well, if you want some great beer, really good food, a very fun atmosphere, and some amazing people serving you, then Craft Breww City is the place to be. Talk about a fun, upscale environment with some great entertainment options as well. You won't just have to sit around and twiddle your thumbs while waiting for your meal, you can try out some billiards, shuffleboard and even hit the dance floor if you are up for it.

Brass Point Food & Spirits

24234 Orchard Lake Road
Farmington Hills, MI 48336
(248) 476-1377

There is absolutely nothing that you will not be satisfied with at this fine establishment. From barbeque ribs to chicken to prime rib to fresh Mexican dishes, this place offers amazing quality home-style food without costing you a fortune. This is the kind of atmosphere you need when you are seeking a quiet and comfortable setting. If you have a party coming up, they also have a private dining room which would be perfect for your event. The philosophy here is to provide good food and quality service and it will only take you one experience to realize that it lives up to that promise.

Ginopolis Restaurant

27815 Middlebelt Road
Farmington Hills, MI 48334-4115
(248) 851-8222

A place only stays in business for over 60 years for one very good reason. In this case, it is because the Ginopolis family is known for their superior service and food. If you love excellent barbeque, you will not be disappointed. The ribs and sliced beef brisket are unbelievably tasty. And a close second are dishes like their marinated lamb chops and fresh seafood. But we will leave you to be the judge of which is the best because we realize that it is all palate of the taster. There is a commitment to exceptional food and service at Ginopolis, why not experience it very soon.

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