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Limos Detroit has been serving the Metro Detroit area since the early 2000's. Our loyal customers will vouch for the fact that our vehicles are truly the best in Michigan, outfitted with all of your favorite features including custom leather seats, luxurious bars, flat screen televisions, and high quality audio systems. We make sure that our vehicles are works of art and that each vehicle is completely unique from start to finish. Our vehicle designers also constantly work towards making sure that our vehicles are up to date with both the safety and technology. With all the different combinations of lights, and features that our designers can come up with, you will never get the same experience twice when aboard our buses and limos. We make sure that we make every trip a special one for you and your friends no matter the event or occasion.

We know potential Limos Detroit customers like to be able to inspect our documentation, and we will be happy to provide you with all of our documents via fax or email for you to look over. You're also welcome to come down to our place of business to look at them, and you may want to take a tour of our vehicles while you're here. We hope you'll take the opportunity to meet our office staff and crew, and to see that we really are the best of the best at what we do. The luxury does not just start with when you get on the bus. It starts the moment we answer the phone, or the moment you open the door to our front office. We aim to be yours and your friend's best and only choice for limos and party buses in the Metro Detroit area, and the best way to do that is to make sure that you are well taken care of. No other limousine company in the Metro Detroit area except Limos Detroit offers such transparency and open doors to its current and potential customers.

Where other local companies have ordinary drivers, we have only professional chauffeurs. We insist upon it, in order to give you that extra layer of class and customer service. Our chauffeurs have to go through a very rigorous screening process in order to join our ranks, so you know that the person at the helm of your vehicle is the one that will offer you the safest and smoothest ride. They are drug tested and background checked, with their CDL licenses verified too, in addition to going through our driving tests and intense interview process. Each is also trained in knowing all of Detroit Metro's hottest locations where you can really take in the culture, as well as all the best routs no matter the time of day. That way, they can easily take you to the best locations, or you give them a location and they get you there as efficiently as possible as you enjoy your vehicle. You can have total confidence in our chauffeurs as well as our vehicles.

When you're ready to talk about booking your trip with Limos Detroit, call 313-312-5466 or email

We love all of our loyal customers and hope that if you aren't one already that you will be soon.

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